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Chloe (Chloe - Gets Shoes And Feet Cleaned While Waiting For Her Real Man) shoe , high heel, femdom, high heels, humiliation, foot, foot Chloe is going out on a date with her boyfriend, and she wants her pathetic slave to lick her shoes clean. She enjoys a refreshing smoothie while the slave eats the dirt from her shoes. The slave must beg for the dirt. Chloe walks around and makes her slave crawl after her shoes. He has got to work to earn it. Chloe strips the slave out of its clothes. It has a very small penis. Chloe humiliates the slave because it has such a small penis. She compares the size of the slave's penis to her boyfriend's. Her boyfriend is a real man with a huge cock. The slave could never satisfy a woman the way her boyfriend can. All he is good for is ping shoes and feet. Chloe wants the slave to make her shoes really sparkle for her boyfriend. The slave s Chloe's feet until her boyfriend texts her that he's there to take her out to dinner. Chloe spits in the slave's face as she leaves to go out with her boyfriend.




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