Bimanual Examination

Bimanual Examination

Pile-driver position, cervix-deep finger-spread gaping-wide vagina. Yeah, I thought that would get your attention We start with Delphine in a black dress, sitting on the couch. In comes Angel Piaff in a red dress. They start making out, but unlike most fake lesbian scenes, this is real. There is affection, sensuality, and fire. Oh, and no underwear. We first get a glimpse of Angel's labia hanging down when she kneels before Delphine and pulls up Delphine's dress. Why don't all women dress like this? Life would certainly be more interesting Angel gently strokes Delphine's pussy lips and clit, and gently spreads her open. Delphine is definitely enjoying this, because she is instantly wet and glistening. But Angel also applies a healthy amount of lube so that one, then two, then three fingers slide easily into Angel's slippery twat, and when Angel spreads wide with fingers ad thumb, Delphine's moan of pleasure is real. We get some nice views of Delphine's slippery shaved slit being probed and opened up. Then Angel takes four fingers, and the her whole fist and slowly works it in almost to the wrist into Delphine's hungry hole. Next Delphine gets into the pile-driver position, on her back with her legs over her head, while Angel sits spread legged in front of her (and get get a nice view of a pair of very pretty pussies). After a lot more lube, Angel continues with her digital exploration, and this time her whole fist does slide into Delphine's cunt, all the way to her wrist, and ll the time she is massaging Delphine's clit with her thumb, and Delphine is loving it. Now before you complain that "this is a gaping site, not a fisting site", let me ask you: what is the best way to stretch a woman's cunt wide open, so that it gapes? The answer is "from the inside, with pleasure", so when Angel takes out her fist and stretches Angel's hole open from the outside, it is already wide open inside, and we can see all the way to the bottom of that beautiful pink bucket. Our photographer has everything lit perfectly, so her cervix and all the ripples and folds of Delphine's vaginal walls are crisply illuminated and 100% open for our prurient inspection. And Delphine shows us her amazing gynecological gymnastics as she moves her insides for us. We get some very hot fisting alternating with some even hotter pile-driver open omanko, wide wet cunt views (and views of Delphine's beautiful face, lost in pleasure). And a lot of closeups But the best part of this video is watching Delphine rub her clit while Angel fists her, until she cums loudly. And because this is PJGirls, you can trust that the orgasm is real (bit if you don't trust, Angel takes out her fist and spreads Delphine open wide, and you can watch Delphine's vagina spasm with the aftershocks. Even when Angel is not spreading her open, Delphine still gapes wide. And the smiles and gentle kisses at the end are sweet. And you get the feeling that it is Angel's turn next... we'll have to wait and see! sex xxx fisting porno video 4288 Izzy Delphine, Angel Piaff 16 min 42 s

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